Hidden figure in the shadows

My blog has been on hiatus pretty much since COVID, but i found something I had to share. There has been a figure hiding in the static shadow of one of the last images taken of David Bowie. Upping the exposure reveals it. Any idea who this is or what it might be? I showed … Continue reading Hidden figure in the shadows

Article: A World Shattering Exclusive! Our Galactic Editor Gavin Petrie Tracks Down… Ziggy Stardust

For anyone who thinks MY articles get a little ridiculous: I was beginning to get mildly hysterical. I could tell by the way the telephone receiver was crumpling in my hand as I squeezed it. The record company was still insisting that an interview with Ziggy Stardust was impossible due to the fact that he … Continue reading Article: A World Shattering Exclusive! Our Galactic Editor Gavin Petrie Tracks Down… Ziggy Stardust

Bowie Bootleg Bonanza Part 2

We are back with another shortlist of some of the stranger bootlegs we've encountered in the wild. (Part 1 can be found here). NOTE: If you do not own every item on this list, you are not a true Bowie fan. NOTE: We do not own every item on this list. Hypnotic Gaze Thicc White … Continue reading Bowie Bootleg Bonanza Part 2

Major Tom Records: A Bootleg Odyssey – Chapter 1. Over The Wall We Go

In the first chapter of our Major Tom Bootleg Series, we take a closer look at "Excerpts From The Bowie Showboat Interview"

The Little Man Who Wasn’t There

An extremely serious scientific analysis into the bizarre origins of Ziggy Stardust, and the revolutionary discovery of GNOME CONTROL™

Bad Baal the Antisocial Man – Bowie, Brecht, and Baal (Part 1)

The first chapter of a multi-part dissertation on Bowie, Brecht, and Baal. In this post, we take a closer look at Baal, Brecht's theatrical philosophy, and The Alienation Effect.

Article: Bowie Is Baal (Radio Times, 1982)

Controversial rock star David Bowie takes the title role in a new production of Bertoldt Brecht's first play, an amoral tale interspersed with songs. Being cast as the anarchic singer and poet might seem appropriate for Bowie, whose own public image shares many of the same characteristics. But, as Henry Fenwick discovers, Bowie's own attitude to life is very different from Baal's.