Hidden figure in the shadows

My blog has been on hiatus pretty much since COVID, but i found something I had to share. There has been a figure hiding in the static shadow of one of the last images taken of David Bowie. Upping the exposure reveals it.

Any idea who this is or what it might be? I showed a bit of my process below. Interested to hear what others think

So far the main theory seems to be that it’s under exposed graffiti, however idk why a professional photographer would be unable to use a clone stamp properly. Also it appears to be carved out of the static which isn’t something that normally happens during compression. Zooming in shows a weird pattern of static as well, which indicates that this had been edited in post.

Considering that there was an entire Tumblr called The Villa of Ormen that popped up and disappeared after his death featuring strange, surreal, and highly specific images, I don’t see an Easter Egg being too far fetched of an idea. I Highly recommend checking out that page on internet Archive BTW. The meaning of the strange site has yet to be found. Perhaps I’ll write about that next

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One thought on “Hidden figure in the shadows

  1. Hey, found out only recently about your blog, great readings, very inspiring and mind-boggling stuff. Absolutely love it. I’m hoping everything is going well, will be looking forward for new stuff from you (I’m crazy curious about your further readings on DB meta-narrative stuff). Cheers!


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