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Navigating the Labyrinth: The Story Thus Far

A Brief Overview:

I own a rather large collection (compared to the average person – not other Bowie collectors!) of Bowie’s music and other oddities. This project started as a way for me to ramble about the more esoteric and mysterious elements in Bowie’s body of work that I happen to find particularly interesting, and also as a way for me to practice writing on a regular basis. Not everything here is going to be consistent with Bowie’s official history, as many of the topics that I’ll be talking about weren’t ever directly addressed by him or his collaborators out in the open.

In this blog I may hypothesize and come to odd conclusions based on the content of Bowie’s work that you may or may not agree with. A big part of why I’ve decided to transition from wandering around this labyrinth in private to posting openly about my musings is to get input from others with more experience than myself. I’ve only been buried neck-deep in this stuff for the past handful of years, so I won’t be correct about everything. That being said, I’d be happy to discuss the content of my posts with anyone as long as it’s respectful.

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